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Optimizing gas yield by optimizing logistics

Sludge digestion Amsterdam

On the site of WwTW Amsterdam West, the sewage sludge of twelve WwTW’s managed by Waternet (Water board of Amsterdam and surrounding areas) is being processed. The sludge is digested, dewatered and subsequently burned at AEB. After the shutdown of the digestion facility at WwTW Hilversum the load to the facility in Amsterdam increased. As a result, the hydraulic residence time in the digester decreased, which may lead to a lower biogas yield. By optimizing the logistics of the supply of sludge to the Central Sludge Receiver (CSI) the overall biogas output of the digester could be increased.

A model has been developed based upon a thorough data analysis, allowing the sludge flow logistics to be adjusted according to the most optimal process conditions in the digester. This results in higher biogas yields and better energy management. The results were published in journal H2O, number 3 of 2012.