New sanitation Rijnenburg – Hoogheemraadschap de Stichtse Rijnlanden

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Conceptueel visionair watersysteemontwerk voor nieuwe wijk Rijnenburg

The study involved a scan for separate collection and treatment of domestic wastewater at source and translating the result into actual implementation at the new district of Rijnenburg. A blueprint was prepared to provide a new sanitation system in the district.

Together with HDSR and the municipality of Utrecht, scenarios were nominated to be considered, calculated and assessed, based on the main objectives : phasing and small scale, energy consumption and costs.

The scenarios were based on (1) separate collection of black water with vegetable and fruit waste, (2) digestion at local or central level and (3) separate gray water collection and local treatment in a halophyte filter.

The study provided a clear insight of the applicability of new sanitation and how these can be best implemented for the development of the Rijenburg district in the field of energy and sustainability.