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Optimalisatie afvalwaterzuivering en waterhergebruik

Polijsting AWZI Rixona

A master plan how to deal with waste water treatment and water reuse was composed. The plan has led to concrete recommendations for optimization of the waste water treatment plant.
The plan resulted in suggestions for both implementing an anaerobic pretreatment stage and a polishing post treatment stage.

The polishing plant as proposed in the plan has been materialized: a tertiary filtration unit for extensive removal of nitrogen and phosphate is implemented. In agreement with the Water board, the possibility of discharging the final effluent onto the Oostrumse brook (stream) instead of into the sewage network was achieved. This discharge also contributed to combat local drying problems and to disconnect relatively clean water away from sewage treatment facility in Venray. The tertiary filtration was put into operation in October 2012.