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Vergisten en composteren in Venlo: de groene kracht van GFT

Reactor voor Groengasproductie uit GFT

Attero’s compost plant in Venlo has been processing vegetable, fruit and garden (GFT) waste from the households of South Netherlands for over fifteen years. To promote sustainability and boost the energy efficiency, research has been conducted to extract GFT biogas by integrating anaerobic conversion of organic material with existing aerobic composting process. The produced biogas is later converted into energy by means of combined heat and power (CHP) system. In addition to process optimization, the project improved the sustainability of the production process.

Brightwork has assisted the investigation into the use of an anaerobic conversion plant and translated the results into a basic design and cost budget for the practical installation. This enabled the final demonstration of the economic feasibility and resulted in a tender procedure for the conversion of the compost plant into a fermentation plant.

In 2010, the fermentation plant was put into service. At present, this plant produces biogas and a gas engine converts the biogas in-situ into renewable electricity for the power grid. The production is about 6.5 million kilowatt hours and is sufficient to provide green power to sustain more than 1,500 households. Simultaneously, Attero continues to produce compost from residual waste with excellent properties for application as soil improver in agriculture and horticulture industry.