Development of Sand-Cycle for continuous sand filtration

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Revolutionair nieuw meet- en regelsysteem in de waterzuivering

Sand-Cycle operationeel op RWZI Wijlre (WBL)

The use of RFID tags for “chipping” cats is well-known. Likewise, the use of similar tags for monitoring purification/treatment technology has not been available till the recent past. Brightwork has made RFID technology suitable for continuous moving bed sand filters therewith initializing an important step towards remote monitoring and remote control. The first customers of the so-called Sand-Cycle technology were Water authority of Fryslan (Wetterskip Fryslân at WwTW Franeker) and Water authority of Limburg (WwTW Simpelveld and Wijlre). Meanwhile, more than 60 filter plants have been equipped with this tool so far.

Sand-Cycle was awarded with the Water Industry Achievement Award as “Most Innovative New Technology of the Year” in England (2017).

De ontwikkeling van Sand-Cycle wordt mede gefinancierd door het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling.