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Background and organization

Brightwork is a consultant focused on (waste)water treatment, water reuse, sludge and energy management of (waste)water treatment plants. In addition, Brightwork develops new innovative technologies for purification, monitoring and, reuse of water and raw materials.

Our team comprises of experienced process engineers, troubleshooters, designers and project managers. Work executed is demand-driven. Furthermore, we invest heavily in developing and testing new ideas and concepts. We always perform our activities together with and/or at the location of our clients: water boards, drinking water companies and various industries.

Founded in 2007, our company – based in Sneek, Fryslan – now consists of a team of ten enthusiastic professionals. We execute client-based assignments on conceptual feasibility study, process design and optimization of existing installations. Also, we design new installations, set up demand specifications and manage construction projects. In construction teams we are mostly responsible for process design. We focus on our core competencies and always seek collaboration with other professionals to add value.

In the field of innovation, we have initiated several successful developments. A short summary:

– Research on biological conversions in a moving bed filter (BioTRAP, 2009-2013) has led to successful product development for N and P removal in wastewater treatment.
– Research on the applicability of an innovative and patented method for mixing gases and liquids in an energy efficient manner (GALICOS), e.g. for concentrating brine streams, gas desulfurization and concentrating highly contaminated wastewater streams.
– With our CADoS project team (acronym of “Cellulose Assisted Dewatering of Sludge”) we won the Water Innovation Award in 2014 and developed a viable and patented method to extract and use cellulose fibers from the wastewater for sludge dewatering.
– A new monitoring tool based on RFID technology and data management Sand-Cycle developed in 2016 led to its first successful market introduction at Wetterskip Fryslan at WWTW Franeker and later at Waterbedrijf Limburg. In 2017, this development was awarded the Water Industry Innovation Award in the UK.

Brightwork is part of the Brightwork Group (BWG) and fulfills the role of advisor and technology developer. BWG is a private company with the majority shares owned by Hans Wouters.

Brightwork serves as the technology hub for transferring technology to products, which are marketed via related companies in BWG. BW Products BV is such a company, which primarily focuses on international marketing and sales of developed products and services.