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FRESH-Treat, a new wastewater treatment based on optimal floc formation

FRESH-Treat demo instlattion at Frisian Egg in Drachten.

Treating industrial waste water; usually it requires a high amount of chemicals to realize the desired end result. And also it requires a lot of energy. Moreover, dosing chemicals lead to higher sludge production, that depending on the pollution level, offer fewer possibilities for processing sludge. Brightwork seems to have a solution for this problem, one that is sustainable and also cost efficient. At Frisian Egg in Drachten, a demonstration installation is operated with some promising results.

FRESH-Treat is de name of new treatment method; a acronym voor Flocculant Reducing and Energy Saving H2O Treatment. The technique is based on an optimal hydraulic floc formation and circulation. The demonstration installation at Frisian Egg was built after an extensive test period was finished in the Waterapplicatiecentrum at the WaterCampus Leeuwarden.

The demo-installation at the company in Drachten is possible thanks to the comprehensive collaboration between Frisian Egg (in the role of launching customer) and Brightwork (technology developer). The VIA 2018 Plus arrangement made it financial possible.

Frisian Egg processes weekly millions of eggs into fluid egg products and egg powders, which by others companies within the food sector are used to produce different kind of sauces.

The waste water that is produced by Frisian Egg has been treated in the FRESH-Treat demo-installation since april 2019. The first results are very promising: lower energy consumption. Further applied research at the demonstration installation in Drachten will determine what the advantages are and until which extent.

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